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Tripwire turned 15 last week! We had quite the joyous celebration, as we commemorated the years behind us and looked with anticipation to our future. Plus, there was cake!

As a company we have seen many changes over the years, including the evolution of our product line, our rise to leadership in enterprise security, and the expansion of our exceptional personnel. Through it all, one thing has remained constant: We love Tripwire.

What do I love about Tripwire? Well, my three loyal readers, in honor of Tripwire’s birthday, I have compiled a list of 15 things…

  1. The people:  My coworkers are the most driven and talented people with whom I’ve ever worked.  I am continually in awe of their brilliance. Sometimes I’ll go half a day just staring at my cube wall, paralyzed, before someone walks by and discovers me.  Most importantly, we all have a great time together.  My coworkers are more than just coworkers to me; they are my friends. Even the weird ones.
  2. The location: Our building is in downtown Portland, mere steps from the Waterfront. I can run the loop at lunch, go shopping, or just enjoy some topless sunbathing in the grass.
  3. Free food: At Quarter End, Michele orders food for our exceptional Sales team and then invites others to join in the bounty. Mmm…I love Quarter End.  Last week we had an ice cream social!!  Damn, it’s good to be here.
  4. Our products: We are a leader in the security industry.  We have the right products at the right time, and I am proud to be a part of that.  Nuff said.
  5. Recess: Every third Thursday of the month, from 4:00-5:00, we gather in Café One Four, a.k.a., our big kitchen, to mingle over snacks and libations. It’s a time to relax, converse with coworkers and discover interesting things about each other. Last Recess I found someone else who enjoys topless sunbathing!
  6. Advancement opportunities: You may recall that I came on board as a temp, was hired on permanently at that position, and at the beginning of this year I was promoted into Marketing. And I am still progressing! I anticipate that my rise to CEO will take only a few short years.
  7. Andy.
  8. Free bus pass: Tripwire pays for our transportation. So, I can leave the driving to Trimet and the cycling to my kooky coworkers!
  9. Our Philanthropy: We are allotted eight hours per month to volunteer at a charity of our choice, through our Volunteer Time Off program (VTO). For one of those eight hour stints, Tripwire will gift $250 toward a charity of our choice. How cool is that?! I get to spend time in my community, and then I get to show them the money! Charities we support are: Schoolhouse Supplies, Head Start Holiday Gift Giving, St. Balldrick’s, Candlelighters, Backpacks for Bulldogs, Laptops for lizards and more.
  10. Our Fashion: In late spring, I blogged about Tripwire’s fashion, which runs the gamut from super casual to straight off the runway of Paris Fashion Week. Your personal style is welcome here.  Just look at my outfit!

    (Granted, it was Casual Friday)
  11. A Place to challenge oneself: I have felt challenged ever since I came to Tripwire, back in August of 2009 (I tripped off the elevator and spilled coffee on myself, which was quite challenging to get out of my skirt.). Tripwire seeks out the best people and demands the best of their people. I feel that Tripwire has brought out the best in me, much more than I even knew existed.  How it was all crammed in there, I do not know.
  12. Amazing benefits: We have fantastic medical and dental, and our Flex Time vacation program is awesome!  So, see ya, suckahs–I’m out!
  13. Family friendly: There are times—especially during Summer Break—that I have been strapped for childcare. Those days, I feel fortunate that I can bring my daughter into the office.  She makes good use of her time, running a successful label-making business along with my coworker’s daughter. Leapfrog Labels, with its revenue right on par with Tripwire’s, is her ticket to college.  And people here just love their personalized labels!
  14. Sustainability: We have an excellent recycling program, as well as composting. Many of our employees bike in to the office. We reduce our waste and use recycled products whenever possible. For instance, my cube is made entirely of recycled Occupy Portland tents!
  15. People here get me: At least I think they do–and that’s enough for me.

For these reasons—and more—I enjoy coming to work here every day.  In fact, I look forward to it. Happy Birthday, Tripwire! Here’s to 15 more years—at least!