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distrust I’ve been speaking with a number of virtualization pros lately and a couple of recurring threads have popped out of the discussion:

  1. Many virtualization admins are concerned about reputation (their own and the reputation of virtualization as a platform) within their companies;
  2. These same admins are often the “go-to guy” around virtual infrastructure and haven’t yet built a strong enough team around them where they’re comfortable enough to delegate what they do;
  3. They don’t have the cycles to spend much “quality time” with their team, so it’s pretty tough to break this cycle.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, please share your comments here about how you’re dealing with this phenomenon.

If it doesn’t sound familiar, then you must have figured out a formula that works. Please share any useful tips & techniques (or resources) here in the comments, or point us to your own thoughts in a public blog.