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If you were at the Codebreakers Bash at the 2010 RSA Conference you got to see some great entertainment. If you weren’t there you may have heard about it or have no idea what you missed. Either way, I captured parts of it for you to see now. Tripwire was the exclusive cosponsor with RSA so we tried to capture as much of the night as we could. There will be a couple of posts about this because there was so much great stuff.

First up is the spinning guy. This guy was impressive because he did not fall down the stairs after spinning for 5 minutes. Sorry for the shaking – I was not expecting him to go for that long.

Next is the hoop act. These performers came down and did a great hoop performance to the music.

If you thought the act was cool you could go into the next room to give it a try. This performer showed you how it was done. I was lucky to make it go around on my waist a few times- there is video of that but I will spare you.

Watch for more videos to come this week of the great band Livewire that performed as well as more post show reaction.