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Most of us know and follow a variety of really smart people who say a lot of smart things, but occasionally one of these things sticks and becomes a new lens for how we process the world around us.   I’ve recently realized that a November post from Rajesh Setty’s blog, “Why MANY smart people are not social“, has become such as lense.  In the post Raj talks about doing an unscientific survey to flush out the idea, where he found their reasoning to fall into 7 primary buckets:

The ideas certainly struck a nerve with me.  I’m not really sure whether Security is actually different than other industries, but it sure feels like we have a distinct split where a high proportion of the smart people in Threat Research are fairly visible and a high proportion of those smart people working as vendors and defenders are buried behind various layers of legal landmines, which I’m sure makes the 7 reasons that Raj laid out even stronger for them.  For this later group, I’d actually argue that a many of the successful Amplifiers are not particularly “smart” in terms of innovation or their own ideas, instead they serve as our noise filters and Connectors to the hidden gems we really need to get to know.