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In one of my previous posts I talked about who owns the virtualization initiative in companies. On this blog Mark Gaydos has talked about who is responsible for securing virtualization. Chris Hoff responded to that on his blog. Obviously there is some debate about who owns this today and who will own it tomorrow. Hopefully all these conversations have attracted some security people, some ops people and some VI Admins. So I have a question for you that your comments would be much appreciated. What would you like to see in licensing virtualization applications?

Virtualization changes things for how users will need licenses. Given how the environment is fluid with VM’s going up and down and moving, the user needs to have the proper licenses available on the spot and not have to go through another purchasing cycle to get the additional licenses. (There was a great article on this by Chris Wolf in the March/April issue of Virtualization Review magazine – I can’t find the article online to link to it, so if anyone finds it please comment here.) This answer may be different for different types of products. A security product buy may want certain licensing and a VI Admin may want something else. I can get an earful sometimes from our Director of IT about how licensing should work and what providers do it well and who does it poorly, while another good friend of mine who is an IT Director for a PR agency has different strong throughts on this. SO…here is your chance. If you were to have your way what would it be? SaaS? Per CPU? Per hypervisor? Per Socket? Individual perpetual licenses? Metered billing? Subscription? Buckets of licenes? Something totally different? I could tell you what I think in this post but I don’t want to sway any of you – not that I could.