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At the RSA Conference in San Francisco, we asked attendees to share their favorite security tips with us.  Here’s the collected advice:

You aren't there to block the business from doing their job! @SecWonk

Layers are a good thing, year round! @CKensekAVG

Security audit your code! -Mike

Don't protect a $500 horse with a $5,000 fence. @Prajan

Similar to securely wiping your HDD, free()ing your memory allocs multiple times destroys any traces of mem contents. @SecureTips

Panic!! Then help the dev team fix the problem!

Do not underestimate insider threats. -Pratik Savla

Look at your logs... 99% of acc breaches could be found there. Source: VZ DBIR @Verizon

Don't sleep while data is awake!! -Pedro word...PLASTICS. @iamanapt

When the business understands the risk, the business invests in security.

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For dozens more security tip photos, check out the gallery below, or see the full set on Flickr.

Get the flash player here:

Photos were taken by Joy Powers (@JoyPowers) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on February 26, 2013.