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Last week we released The True Cost of Compliance report in an effort to provide empirical and quantifiable data on the cost of compliance and non-compliance. In this three minute video Rekha Shenoy, VP of Strategy and Marketing, explains how you can utilize the findings on this report to prove the ROI of compliance, how security effectiveness improves your compliance efforts and why we embarked on this project with the Ponemon Institute.

The Economic Impact of Compliance

For me, the most interesting snippet of data is that organizations that conduct five or more internal audits spend less on both compliance and non-compliance costs. These organizations probably treat compliance as a comprehensive set of activities that include people, process and technology, and continuously maintain their compliance posture. Those who pay more on the total cost of compliance, conduct no internal audits and probably treat compliance as a checklist exercise in order to pass the external audit. Let us know your thoughts on the report.

Hasta pronto!