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Today we’re announcing an update to Tripwire Log Center. This release has some new capabilities to help you do your log management and incident detection functions easier and faster. Here are some of the highlights of this update:

Find log events faster. We’re utilizing MITRE’s Common Event Expression to standardize log event messages. You benefit from easy to use search capabilities that results in accurate and comprehensive query results.  Here’s a short video that will allow you to see this new capability in action and the differences between event normalization:

Identify risk and prioritize your security efforts by correlating critical change information to your events of interest. Tripwire solutions allows you to add information from the state of your systems to security events to provide in-depth state-based incident detection.

Enhance your existing workflow. Aggregate logs from security controls and forward log data to any other SIEM or GRC tool.

Easily prove compliance with out-of-the-box audit reports, now updated to the latest regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Pay us a visit on our main site to learn more about why Tripwire Log Center provides unique log management and SIEM capabilities, and how we integrate it with Tripwire Enterprise for a more comprehensive security solution that helps you mitigate security risks and prove compliance.

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Cyber attack image courtesy of Shutterstock.