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In the past few months we’ve encountered many level 3 and 4 merchants needing to be PCI certified. They needed an urgent fix to the problem yet didn’t really know where to start. We quickly realized that what these merchants needed was a solution finely tailored to their needs. As a result, today Tripwire announced a new family member to its Solution Suite for merchants needing to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) — Tripwire Express for PCI ( Based on these conversations and significant field work, this solution is designed to meet the specific needs of Level 3 & 4 merchants, providing an enhanced file integrity monitoring solution that enables smaller merchants to quickly achieve and maintain PCI compliance based on “pay as you grow” pricing.

In fact, merchants can get started for less than $2,000 with self-service implementation, and be audit-ready within two to three working days. Tripwire Express for PCI can also be installed on one server at a time, enabling users to “pay as they grow.” Tripwire’s family of PCI solutions are used by a majority of the Top 100 retailers — and by seven of the top 10 retail organizations as ranked by Stores magazine.