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Last week I attended the PCI Community Meeting in Orlando. I felt as if my hands were tied and my voice silenced, as the Council banned social media: no blogging and no tweeting. So before I begin my coverage, I excuse myself  for not being able to share with you my complete analysis of the meeting, but only what is non-confidential and publicly available to all.

Over one thousand people were in attendance, including merchants, QSAs, representatives from the card brands, PCI Council staff and Board of Advisors members, service providers, acquiring banks, vendors, analysts and press. I got a much better understanding of how the Council works and how decisions are made.

Given that the new PCI DSS version 2 will be released in October, there were various presentations that focused on the upcoming changes. There were also “progress reports” from the Special Interest Groups and the Technical Working Group. For me, the most interesting part of the presentations was the time devoted to Questions and Answers. Those can’t be scripted and the meeting served as a forum to ask questions from the Council, card brands and working groups.

By far, the best part about going to this community meeting is the people I’ve interacted with. I had the great pleasure of connecting with new individuals, reconnecting with acquaintances, and making new friends. Time was definitely too short. I also had the opportunity to interview a few influential individuals during the event. The first one is a 3-min video with Martin McKeay (@mckeay on Twitter), security blogger, podcaster and PCI QSA on his impressions about the meeting.

Martin also covered the social media ban on his site.