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Do you remember The Price is Right? Good old Bob Barker (now Drew Carey) dealing with the people who were way over excited to be on TV? We thought we would play a game in the spirit of The Price is Right, except you don’t get to be on TV.

Tripwire has been part of dealing with IT compliance for a long time. We talk to lots of people every day who are dealing with compliance and security challenges. We thought it would be interesting to ask a couple of questions to the crowd.

1. What is the average annual cost of compliance?

2. What is the average annual cost of non compliance?

Tweet your answers to these questions using the #compliancecost and you will be entered to win an iPad. We are playing Price is Right rules. The closest guess without going over for each question wins an iPad. We made this simple and if you don’t hazard a guess you can’t win. We will accept answers through Sunday, January 30th 11:59 Pacific and will announce the winner on Monday, January 31, 2011.

And it is possible to win both prizes just like you can on The Price Is Right.