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What are security professionals doing wrong that they can’t connect and communicate with their businesses’ senior management, asked Brian Honan (@BrianHonan), Principal of BH Consulting in our conversation at the 2013 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Honan’s solution for the security industry is to hack senior management. Here are a few of his tips:

Understand the system: To hack anything you need to understand how the system operates. Understand where the senior management is coming from. Read the business plans and the annual reports. What drives senior management to do what they do?

Make security an enabler: Don’t let security come in the end of the discussion of what the business wants to do. Get ahead of the conversation so you’re in the process helping them drive the success of what they want to get done.

Get ahead of the issues: Once you understand what the business is trying to do. Instead of saying no, explain what you would have to do on the security side to make it possible.

Be more positive: Security is often seen as a deep dark hole that money just goes into and never comes out. Don’t play that role. Be more positive and show that you’re eager to use security to help the business succeed.


Image of wrench courtesy of Shutterstock.