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As if securing an enterprise’s information technology systems was not enough of a headache, security professionals in this day and age – especially at the senior level – also need to make sure they can communicate the value of their efforts upstream by speaking a language familiar to the executive level, and then throughout the organization by building strong connections with other department leaders.

Security thought vanguards and featured BSidesLondon 2013 session presenters Rorie Hood (@1337Hound), Javvad Malik (@J4vv4D), Jitender Arora (@jee2uu), David Rook (@SecurityNinja), Chris John Riley (@ChrisJohnRiley), Isabel Forkin (@IForkin), and Rory McCune (@raesene) discuss the importance of being able to effectively communicate with management in the language of the enterprise, establishing key relationships in other business units, presenting actionable data in a business-friendly format, and translating the essence of security as being an essential business enabler.

Special thanks to @twistandshoutUK for video production.


Image courtesy of ShutterStock