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It is often the case that due to budgetary constraints and enterprise-wide cost cutting, sometimes a critical security control gets overlooked, putting the company at increased risk of a serious security event.

As a security expert within your organization, you might worry that these lingering vulnerabilities could be exploited by an attacker, and as such you might want to bring this situation to the attention of senior management.

But as critical as the risk may be, like most security experts you may find it challenging to convey such security imperatives to executive management in order to get the buy-in required for the company to invest more in security.

Global IT executive Jitender Arora (@jee2uu) and Tripwire’s CTO Dwayne Melançon (@ThatDwayne) have put together a great presentation and webcast that examines the potential pitfalls in communicating with the C-suite, and they offer advice and a few tricks for translating security initiatives to executives and non-financial stakeholders within your organization.

In this webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Effectively communicate with non-technical executives
  • Align security initiatives with the goals of the business
  • Prioritize security controls according to protect what’s most important in your organizations
  • Continuously measure progress and tie results back to the business objectives

The full webcast for this presentation is available here:

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