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I had the pleasure of attending the Black Hat conference earlier this month in Las Vegas, where we were excited to host a few of our customers to share their experience with Tripwire and how they utilize or solutions in their environments. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth, here is a brief recap of their insightful presentations. We also had graphic artist Kelly Kingman, drawing out real-time visualizations of the presentations, which was very fun to watch!

First, we had Ian Robertson from Trion Worlds sharing how Tripwire ruined his day but saved his year. His presentation was intriguing and took on a bit of a different approach.


Ian walked us through a day in the life of being Ian and working with the Tripwire tool. Unfortunately, Tripwire woke him up one night and he was NOT a happy camper. With the alerting system that Tripwire currently has, Ian was awoken to a text stating that something was not right. It turns out, there had been some malicious activity in their environment.

So, although Tripwire woke Ian up and made him go into the office (ruining his day), Tripwire helped Trion Worlds stay out of the news (and saved their year)!

Next, Stephen Brennan from CSC Cyber Security presented “CMVA, Enterprise Vulnerability Management in the Cloud.


Stephen Brennan focused his presentation on today’s cybersecurity challenges and the shift that the market is seeing for companies moving to cloud environments. According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, more than half of the business and IT managers surveyed said that their organization is currently transferring sensitive or confidential data to the cloud.

With that, vulnerability, compliance and reporting are top priorities for enterprises, and CSC is helping their customers with these needs with Tripwire’s Vulnerability Management solution – Tripwire IP360. By leveraging Tripwire’s broadest set of foundational security controls available in the market today, they provide customers with:

  • Continuous discovery and monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Comprehensive asset discovery and reconciliation
  • Highly accurate and deep coverage in vulnerability and configuration discovery
  • Automation assuring regulatory and policy compliance

With the help of Tripwire, CSC’s customers now have simplified and automated compliance reporting processes, risk scoring and prioritized remediation efforts. In addition to these benefits, customers are also able to reduce the total cost of ownership!

Last, but certainly not least was Sassan Attari from DSW, presenting “(Re)Deployment of Tripwire Enterprise.”


Behind every DSW is an awesome security team that helps customers to shop confidently at their store knowing that they are taking every measure to stay out of news headlines for a security breach. Tripwire had the pleasure of having Sassan Attari from DSW share parts of their security program. While Sassan and DSW already had a strong compliance strategy, they wanted to step up their security game plan due to the recent breaches reported by other companies (and common sense).

DSW needed a solution that could standardize and improve their security posture, while providing greater visibility into their environment. To help manage their ever changing change management processes, Tripwire Enterprise provided DSW with a single pane of glass for Sassan and his team. And with the additional CMDB integration and ticketing, Tripwire was a good fit.

DSW now has additional automation capabilities with Tripwire that they didn’t have before, allowing Sassan and his team to focus on their (real) security needs:

  • Increasing scope within their environment
  • Building in escalation procedures
  • Tripwire becoming the primary validation for change management
  • Automation, automation, automation

By putting their best foot (or should I say shoe) forward, Sassan and his team have now put together a trusted security program that includes Tripwire to help protect them from the lime light like other fellow retail companies (and P.S. – they are hiring security professionals!).

There you have it – three great customers all utilizing our products in different ways to help stay secure. Want to become one of those successful customers? Check out our new website, or learn how to get started here!

You can also reach out to to learn more about becoming a highlighted customer (in the right lime light, of course!)

Until next time,

Kelly Hoeffner




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