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Have you ever wished for some supernatural powers to secure your organization? Perhaps longing for some extraterrestrial abilities to defend your sensitive data, or hoped to get help from outer space to get you through that compliance project?

Meet John Powers… Sure, he is good at his job – some might say he is a little “too good.”

In episode 1, John was dealing with some out of this world perceptions from his colleague Clint who has a very active imagination.

In episode 2, his uncanny ability to get out ahead of potential problems and react with lightning speed to imminent threats to his company’s systems had some of his co-workers wondering if he might be getting assistance “from beyond.”

In Episode 3, John is dealing with an employee who is convinced he is getting help from “The Company”, not just helping the company.

Does John Powers have some sort of super secret agent training in spy craft? Not likely. The right tools to enable his team to execute effectively? Precisely!

Tripwire – Confidence Secured.

You can connect with John on Twitter @CISOpowers

Hasta pronto,


PS. Thanks again to the fantastic crew at Twist & Shout for their business comedy help.