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If this is your first introduction to John Powers, supernatural CISO, I encourage you to visit our first post which introduced him. He is not your ordinary CISO of a Fortune 1000 company.

Sure, he is good at his job – some might say he is a little “too good.”

In episode 2, his uncanny ability to get out ahead of potential problems and react with lightning speed to imminent threats to his company’s systems has some of his co-workers wondering if he might be getting assistance from beyond.

Does John Powers have some sort of psychic connection to the spiritual realm?

Probably not, but he relies on a great security solution that provides him with unrivaled visibility into activity on his organization’s IT systems.That’s not channeling spirits from the netherworld, that’s simply having the right people, skills and solutions to be confident.

Tripwire – Confidence Secured.

Episode 3 will be posted later this Summer on his very own page. You can also connect with John on Twitter @CISOpowers.

Episode One Here

Hasta pronto,


PS. Thanks again to the fantastic crew at Twist & Shout for their business comedy help.