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Rekha Shenoy, VP of Marketing at Tripwire, shares her experience of proving her department’s relevance to the business, likening it to a CISO who must prove how security is relevant to the business.

“The key trend that is driving both behavior and purchasing is really all about showing how the security solution – everything from the people to the process and technology – is actually providing the results it need to to the business,” Shenoy said.

“The role of the CISO is not to just provide security for security’s sake, but security and proof that it is actually mitigating risk and enabling the business,” Shenoy continued.

Shenoy joined Tripwire in April 2007, bringing with her an extensive background leading product management teams to deliver maximum customer value. She holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Rice University, and received a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering in Bangalore, India.

Prior to Tripwire, Rekha held positions in corporate development, product management and marketing for performance management solutions, database tools and mainframe solutions and in market research at BMC Software, Inc., in Houston, driving strategic decisions around new technologies and championing the Agile Development methodology to enable BMC to meet its goals for product delivery. She also worked at Questia Media, Inc., in Houston, and Compaq Computer Corporation.


Image courtesy of ShutterStock