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After listening to a talk about measuring risk management, I chatted with Tim Wilson (@darkreadingtim), Editor of Dark Reading about how they’re covering the issue of risk management.

Not only is risk management a timely issue for the security industry, but it is also a big issue for Dark Reading. They’re responding to the growing industry issue by launching a risk management tech center, or a portal on all issues regarding risk management. As organizations are trying to prioritize their time and money as to what’s important to secure and what’s not, Wilson’s media outlet is in the same boat.

What should Dark Reading cover and what shouldn’t they cover? What they choose to cover reflects on their own credibility as well. If they claim something is a big deal and it’s not then they could be in trouble. But Wilson says even if they don’t get everything right (heck, that would be impossible) they do try to vet everything out with researchers.

Stock photo of risk management courtesy of Shutterstock.