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Steven Fox is a Senior Security Architecture & Engineering Advisor (@SecureLexicon) at one of the biggest federal agencies in the nation. He is also a former Detroit ISSA Chapter Board Member, co-organizer for Security B-Sides Detroit, and is a Distinguished Fellow at the Ponemon Institute, as well as having been a regular contributor to CSOonline for several years.

Fox recently presented at the 2013 BlackHat Executive Summit on BYOD challenges in a session titled “Bring Your Own Disappointment,” and offered to share some of his insights on the trend of allowing employee owned devices in the organization.

On BYOD, Fox says first of all you need to ask yourself why the organization should even consider it. “Are you just trying to make your employees happy, or do you actually have a business case that justifies not just the capitol expense that you might be saving, but also the operational expense of the security you need to build around it,” Fox says in this interview.

Fox also shared some advice and strategies for communicating the value of security as a business enabler to the executive and board level of an organization, a task he engages in on a regular basis given his position…


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