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At the recent Infosecurity Europe conference, infosec expert and ‘cynic’ Javvad Malik interviews Quentyn Taylor (@QuentynBlog on Twitter), Director of Information Security at Canon Europe, on the evolving role of the CISO.  Mr. Taylor offers insight into the relationship between customer loyalty, brand reputation and information security.

Once a customer’s trust is betrayed, it is very difficult to regain. So why not monitor your system now as opposed to after a data breach has happened? Check out this video to learn more about customer loyalty and the evolving role of CISOs in today’s threat landscape.



More  coverage on this information security event including interviews on risk management, compliance, incident detection and the evolving role of the CISO can be found on this Infosecurity Europe playlist.

Here is a short video on how Tripwire can help protect your business with VIA Configuration Data Mart.

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