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Tony Vargas (@tvargasciodb) is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems who focuses on Application Security issues, and is a recognized thought leader regarding security within his business group and throughout the company.

Vargas is founder of Cisco’s Security Leadership Program, and received the Cisco Security Champion award in 2012 for his leadership and vision.

Vargas also sits on the prestigious Cisco SDLC Technical Advisory Group, influencing the direction of product security across the company, as well as being a member of (ISC)2’s Application Security Advisory Board.

Vargas is also Co-Founder, Chairman and President of the (ISC)2 Sacramento Chapter, a (ISC)2 West Coast Safe and Secure Lead Volunteer, and is also involved in educating and mentoring the next generation of Cyber Security professionals through (ISC)2’s Next Generation/Young Professionals program.

Vargas discussed at length the strategies to be employed in establishing and maintaining an effective security awareness program within an enterprise environment…


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