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Just in time for the 2014 RSA Conference, but always applicable at any security event throughout the year, Tripwire is pleased to present The Ultimate Conference Zombie Survival Guide.

Why do you need this valuable guide? Because while everything may seem to be great on the surface, there are many evils that lurk behind the flashy demos and blinding smiles at a big security conference.

Will you prove yourself to be a savvy conference veteran, or will you fall victim to the mindless behavior that leads so many to shuffle the conference floor aimlessly as just another dreaded trade-show Zombie? (Click here to download infographic as PDF)


(Click here to download infographic as PDF)


Do you have any good advice to help your peers navigate the coming Zombie Apocalypse we call RSAC? Please leave them in a comment below!

picAnd be sure to join us at Tripwire’s Booth (3501) to get your free customized t-shirt printed on the spot, and listen to an array of in-booth guest speakers we have lined up.

For the speaking schedule and information on how to obtain a free RSA Expo pass, see more details here.

See you in San Francisco…

Hasta pronto!