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One of the sad realities we saw in spades at the RSA Conference this year was users’ lack of knowledge and caring about security. That carelessness towards security manifests itself through really annoying security requests.

In an effort to learn how annoying these ‘dumb user questions’ can be, I asked attendees at the RSA Conference, “As a security professional, what’s the most annoying request you’ve ever received?”

Make sure you watch to the end. The last one is a doozy…

Watch for more video interviews from David Spark with an array of subject matter experts on a wide variety of security-related issues that are key to the decisions you will be facing as the year rolls on.

If you missed the RSAC event, the following articles provide summaries and reviews by attendees of some of the more popular sessions that were available, as well as review of the Cloud Security Alliance event:



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  • Great tips man. I like very much this video. That man has right.

  • @SecurityMonahan

    While running a managed security service years ago, I had a customer contact call in and request a particular tcp/udp port pair be opened on their firewall. Prior to implementing the request we did the due diligence on it only to discover that it was the primary port for network blackjack applications of the time. We went back to the contact, inquired about who made the request and informed him that the port was suspect given its primary nature. The contact seemed a little taken aback then annoyed. He said he would check on it and get back to us that day. The request was cancelled shortly thereafter.

    • Facepalm…

      • You like it or not? I don't understand you!

        • Marius, that was what I wondered!
          I think that's Anthony Freed responding, and I think that "facepalm" was intended as a sympathetic assent with OP SecurityMonahan, rather than the opposite i.e. criticizing. My first and only language of fluency is English. Yet I also wondered, "you like it or not?" (Your website is .ro which is the only reason I thought English was possibly not your first language too ;)

          This was another good Tripwire post by David Spark, What is Your Security Nightmare?

        • Yes Marius – I was sympathizing with you in the situation. Cheers!

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