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I’ve been getting a lot of fake LinkedIn invitations to connect lately, so I thought I’d share this simple method of separating the real from the fake.

Of course, if your gut says it’s fake, it probably is. That person you don’t recognize who hasn’t really filled in much of their profile probably isn’t a connection you want or need.

Still, you can always validate by using Google Image Search to find out if the picture really belongs to that name. The other day, I received an invitation from Selina Mobley.


As you can see, she’s a recruiter, so it’s not that odd she’d be connecting with strangers. And there is something familiar about her picture. Here’s how to validate:

1. Right click the image in the invite and choose ‘Copy Image Location’

2. Go to Google Image Search

3. Click the little camera  inside the search box

4. Paste in the image location you copied and search

In this case, Google has absolutely no problem identifying this as Sarah Silverman. It’s actually an image from WikiQuote. The quote associated with this image is “You look like my friend Debbie. That’s really weird … do you get that a lot?”


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Title image courtesy of ShutterStock