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By: Mark Gaydos

This week Tripwire introduced ConfigCheck which is a free utility to determine how well a VMware environment is configured relative to the VMware security hardening guidelines. I was looking at website traffic for the utility and we are approaching close to 10,000 people who have come to the site. And I wonder if this is a lot of people?

The last figure I heard was that VMware had 100,000 customers and if this is close to accurate it seems like 10,000 people coming to the Tripwire ConfigCheck site is quite large. However, when I start reflecting on how many IT professionals could exist inside a single large VMware customer’s organization I think we have just touched the surface of people who could find it useful using the utility for checking the security of their virtualized environments.

Thanks to articles by people like Denise Dubie, Kevin Fogarty, Bridget Botelho, Richard Adhikari and VMware’s reference on their security site, it appears the word is getting out on ConfigCheck. I’m sure as time goes on the number of people aware of the tool will continue to increase and the awareness around virtualization security will grow which was one of the main goals of providing a free utility in the first place.

So I still ask myself is 10,000 a lot of people? As a major religion, no. As people coming to your cocktail party, yes. As the number interested in finding out about your free configuration assessment utility, I guess the jury’s out. I think I’ll go have some Sat morning coffee and contemplate it.