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SC Magazine held their annual awards gala last week in San Francisco, and with a fair amount of hoopla announced their 2012 picks the for best IT security and compliance solutions. (A lot like the Academy Awards of IT security… without Billy Crystal.)

Five companies were nominated for the coveted Reader Trust Award for  the Best Policy Management solution (products that “enforce configuration policies to devices in an enterprise, including network configuration, encryption configuration, software configuration and hardware configuration”) including:

  • Cisco for Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • McAfee for ePolicy Orchestrator
  • SonicWALL for their E-class Universal Management Appliance
  • Symantec for their Control Compliance Suite 10.5
  • Tripwire, for our recently released Tripwire Enterprise 8.1

And the winner was (did the picture above already give this away?) TRIPWIRE ENTERPRISE!

We’re especially thankful for earning the Reader Trust Award — a “bottoms up” award judged and awarded by a IT security experts, product users, and SC Magazine readers. These are truly holistic reviews that consider “functionality, manageability, ease-of-use and scalability of the product, as well as the customer service and support provided for it.” Nothing is more gratifying than receiving a vote of confidence from the folks who face IT security and compliance challenges on a daily basis.

Want to learn more about the configuration hardening problems solved by Tripwire Enterprise? Read Security Configuration Management: Foundational Security with Tripwire Enterprise.

Thanks to SC Magazine and all our outstanding competitors!