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As some of you may know, a large credit card processing company got hacked back in November to the tune of over 1.5 million credit card details. Now we’ve seen this kind of activity many times before but what makes this more interesting is what the hackers did afterwards.

In reports released in the last few days it turns out that, rather amazingly, the hackers duplicated the cards and between the hours of 12am and 2am on November 8th they simultaneously used 100 of the cards across the globe in 49 cities. Withdrawing money on 100 cards with an average of $500 limits doesn’t sound like it would net much more than $50,000. The real kicker in this particular example though is the fact that the hackers raised the limit on all of the cards before the raid to enable them to steal $9 million in that 2 hour window.

This is a new worrying trend that has been seen in the past at other companies but never to the tune of so much.