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Do you see security as a threat or security as enablement, asked Lenny Heyman, General Manager of Interop.

While Heyman realizes people are concerned with cloud security, you shouldn’t be scared away from the solutions cloud offers. While the cloud has hurdles, they’re realistic. He knows for cloud success it’s going to take experimenting, and some pushing of the boundaries. Mistakes will be made, said Heymann.

As for people getting tired of hearing so much about the cloud, Heyman says, “Don’t believe the hype about the hype.”

People who choose to ignore the cloud will be seen as laggards rather than leaders.

As for mobility, Heyman asks, “Are people being scolded away from using tablets or other devices? Or are they becoming leaders enabling users to use those devices? The users are doing it anyway. You can choose to ignore it, but you do so at your own risk.”