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Every year there are shiny new objects designed to help us with that new year’s resolution. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t need those ridiculous shape-up shoes or a “MEGA-SUPER SIZED” fitness plan with a free water bottle for only $999.99. If I’m looking to get in shape, I go back to the basics. To harden your abs, Eat less. Move more.

There is no exception to this rule in Information Security.  I’m sure you relate to the challenges of weeding through solutions in order to find the ones that make your organization more secure and that protect your critical data. Going back to the basics is often no simple task.

Recently, Tripwire interviewed SANS instructor, Paul Henry who discussed how the fundamentals of going back to the security basics makes organizations less vulnerable to attacks and why hardening your systems is so critical to mitigating risk to your business.

In two short YouTube videos, Paul Henry discusses: