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Traditionally, developers are given a certain window of time, often months, to create an update. They use up all that time to create their code without considering the impact that it will have on IT and security. Nor do they budget any time for IT and security to test the code before deployment. Once released it can result in carnage, said Gene Kim (@realgenekim), head of IT Revolution Press.

With a DevOps environment you’re not just working on the code but also the environment it deploys into, said Kim. The two are working together so every aspect of the code is stable at once.

DevOps environments are transformative

Kim reviewed three fantastic benefits of a DevOps environment

  1. Decrease Cycle Time of Releases – Take arduous processes and cut them down.
  2. Increase Production Resilience – In order to have a fast lane, everything else in the production model needs to be solid.
  3. Remove Complexity, Attack Surface, and Waste – Complexity increases technical debt. Remove it. For example, it’s impossible to defend all your legacy IT. More retiring of old equipment reduces your technical debt.

Stock photo of computer screen chart courtesy of Shutterstock.