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If RSA had a rock star, it would definitely be Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog), author of the new book “Liars & Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Survive.” He spoke to an absolutely packed house at RSA about his new book on security and trust. For those geeks looking for a technology book, this isn’t it. It’s a book about why security exists in society. How it enables trust and society. It’s an explanation of and for the security industry. Schneier explains the book’s theme:

“In any cooperative society there will be uncooperative people. Basically, in any system of mutual cooperation, being a parasite on that system is a viable strategy. If we are a group of people who don’t steal from each other, someone who comes in our community and steals is going to do very well. The question is how do we as a group insure that theft doesn’t become so great that it causes society to break apart. How do we keep each other honest and trustworthy? And we do that through security.”

We’re basically honest people. It’s just when society gets bigger, things get more complex and we need things like passwords and door locks, explained Scheier. The goal with this book is to bring people back to security.

Watch the video as he gives a good argument as to why my mom should read his book.

Stock photo of computer lock images courtesy of Shutterstock.