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Black Friday is here, if we remember this time last year we were still unaware that Target was compromised, which was the start  of a string of breaches that we have seen throughout the past year. Although the credit card thefts at Target started around Black Friday, the initial intrusion had occurred weeks before. Odds are that if we are to experience a similar breach this year, the attackers are already inside their target networks and simply waiting for Black Friday to begin to start harvesting credit card numbers.

Consumer Shopping Tips

Consumers are in many ways playing a game of retail breach roulette with every purchase they make during the holiday season, as there is no way to know what retailers have been compromised. The more practical approach is to assess the risk that your credit card will be compromised and to plan accordingly. This doesn’t mean you need to put a credit freeze, or get new credit cards, but instead to be particularly vigilante in tracking your statements. Here are some tips from Tripwire and the FTC with King 5 News in Seattle regarding how to protect your credit cards this holiday season: