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Ok, pardon the melodrama in the title – I couldn’t resist (and there is film).

Several weeks ago, I was pleased to participate in a panel on “Data Integrity Attacks, The Silent Killer,” at the Infosecurity event at Earl’s Court in London. I’ve just been given access to the video from this event, and I wanted to share it with you.

Joining me on the panel were (from left to right, above – not counting the standing audience member):
  • Andrew Yeomans, Vice President, Commerzbank (but speaking in his capacity as a Jericho Forum Board Member);
  • Michael Warren, CTO, The London Metal Exchange;
  • Bob Tarzey, Analyst, Quocirca – and our esteemed Moderator;
  • Scott Borg, the US Cyber Security Consequences Unit;
  • Me – Dwayne Melancon, a VP at Tripwire, Inc.

This was a great panel, and the questions from the audience made it much more fun – the unscripted nature makes for a nice bit of adrenaline.