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The illustrious and deeply knowledgeable David Mortman (@Mortman), Chief Security Architect at Dell, discusses some research he did with Adrian Lane of Securosis regarding challenges with securing of Big Data systems, from really large relation databases to NoSQL systems, Hadoop and everything in between.

“What we found is that, generally speaking, especially when you get into the NoSQL or the Hadoop space, there really isn’t much in the way of security – these products are not designed with security in mind,” Mortman said in this interview.

Mortman also cautioned against launching these types of systems in a Cloud environment, and that care should be taken to isolate them as much as possible, given there is little in the way of access control protocols.

Is your company leveraging these systems to perform business intelligence gathering or other analytics? Better check out this interview with Mortman to get the scoop on security issues…


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