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Man…this show never ends. Lots of interest these days around virtualization. A couple of conversations around our Config Check tool and OpsCheck tools. Wandered the show myself a little bit. Played a game of Whack-A-Fraudster. Scored a 39 which wound up being 3rd best for the day…probably should have had a little more Mountain Dew…

If I thought the IT Ninjas were out in force the first two days…I was wrong…jeez. Probably had more Ninjas in an hour than the previous two days. Everyone was interested in our Change Audit and Configuration assessment capabilities. Lots of them were familiar with Tripwire Open Source or even Gene Kim’s original Tripwire Academic Source and wanted to know what was new with Tripwire. Showed a lot of the Ninjas the latest version of Tripwire Enterprise.

We all went down to Johnny Foley’s Irish House. My favorite restaurant in San Francisco. you cannot go wrong with the Cottage Pie there. My colleague Nick swears by the Bangers and Mash.

Tomorrow is the last day of the show for us. Come by and say hi…we still have lots of t-shirts.

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