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Holy moly…just when you think its safe to go back into the data center…there was a massive flood of IT Ninjas at the gates. You name it: security, compliance, operations…they all wanted a piece of Tripwire…or maybe it was just the t-shirts…you can never tell sometimes at events like this. Our rock star Gene Kim gave his talk on Securing the Virtual environment and afterwards a book signing. Thats when we got hit…a ton of attendees coming by the booth to talk to us. Most of them IT Ninjas a few Pirates…

Got to walk around the show floor a bit…boy I tell you some of the farther corners of the Moscone center play host to some of the more interesting vendors. The ACLU was there. I guess they were there to promote civil liberties for artificial intelligences. Another unamed group that looked like a bunch anarchists. They were giving out stickers that said “Bring back a warrant” One of those Information should be free groups. Ironic considering that the Department of Homeland Security had yet ANOTHER booth just a few feet down…I can imagine that the two groups were eyeballing each other throughout the show.

Well for our part we got to meet quite a few interesting folks. Gene’s VisibleOps Security book is going like hot cakes. Some folks would even forgo the t-shirt just to get the book. You have to imagine that the IT Ninjas are going to need all the help they can get.

By the way…the NSA was not at the show…it was all a figment of my imagination…they were no where near San Francisco…it was just a weather balloon…can I go now?