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Apparently they do, and boy howdy…look out if you get on their bad side. It seems that last weeks major outage of Twitter and the slow down over at Facebook stemmed from the tweets of a single user who made some folks mad. How you cheez someone off in 140 characters I am not sure but he did and said pirates then proceeded to hammer Twitter and later Facebook to try and erase said person from the web. Sort of a brute force and not very elegant approach.

Now in Ancient Egypt this was signifigantly easier. Send some folks out with chisels and you could erase all of their tweets from the sides of obelisks, pyramids and tablets. There probably was not a big data backup industry those days.

To try and erase data these days is a whole lot harder. With all of the ways to capture and retain data it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. May as well be trying to empty a sinking boat with a fork. While the pirates in the twitter attack may not have been the cream of the crop…I do have to give mad props to the ones who managed to hack the Mac keyboard…I mean really…who hacks a keyboard? Here is the original link… With the keyboard logger the pirates could very quickly get access to all sorts of interesting data…

I would say tweet me @theorrminator but I am trying to keep my head down…wouldn’t want to be the reason why there was another fail whale… Maybe I’ll just give in and open a Facebook account. Do you want to be my friend?