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Customer success stories are a great way to share with you how Tripwire solutions have helped others in the industry. During our annual sales kick-off meeting earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interview many of our account managers, sales engineers and professional services consultants and asked them to share with me some of those customer stories.

The first one in this Customer Success Stories Series talks about a customer who started using Tripwire mainly to achieve PCI compliance and has been able to use Tripwire for real-time security.

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Region: EMEA
  • Business Problem: Need to pass PCI compliance audits
  • Solution: Successfully achieve PCI compliance and obtained additional security value with Tripwire solutions

We have in-depth case studies, as well as additional PCI DSS compliance resources available for you. There are some fantastic videos at the end of the page featuring Gene Kim and Josh Corman. I hope you enjoy this series — as usual, I welcome your feedback.

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Pen image courtesy of Shutterstock