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When we polled 350 audience members on a recent webcast and asked them, “How far along is your organization in your deployment of risk management programs?” this is how they answered:

  • 17% say all of their risk management program activities are fully deployed
  • 24% say most risk management programs are fully deployed
  • 41% say most risk management programs are only partially deployed
  • 11% say most risk management program activities have yet to be deployed
  • 18% say they don’t have a risk-based security management program

As risk-based security management continues to gain acceptance as a global security practice, it’s evident that there’s still a long journey ahead for most of us.  

For those of you that couldn’t join us in June’s event, we presented the 2012 Ponemon Institute Risk-based research report and findings. This research study revealed that 77% of organizations are committed to RBSM, yet only 45% have metrics to help demonstrate program success.

You can still access this webcast on-demand here.

Dwayne Melancon, CTO of Tripwire and Cindy Valladares, Product Marketing, led an informative discussion and provided a good summary of the study’s key findings in this recording. Key points discussed were:

  • How organizations are measuring the effectiveness of risk-based security management
  • Which factors increase the likelihood your organization will implement risk management as a formal security practice
  • What the top threats that risk and information security organizations identify with and are concerned about

Watch this now here or preview it at your convenience. Also, here’s a link to the download of the report.

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