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Well, that depends on who is responsible for safeguarding your credit card information. This is a case study of how Point is providing better protection to its customers, merchants in Europe.


Point is the leading provider of electronic payment solutions in Europe, serving every type of business that require multi-channel payment capabilities: from small shops to international retail chains, hotels, restaurants, business-to-business customers and more. Point is present in ten European countries, with over 250,000 customers and 500,000 payment installations.

Business Need

First and foremost, Point’s mission is to safeguard customer credit card details. The organization also needs to constantly improve data and operational security, while adhering to a number of country-specific compliance regulations.


Point uses Tripwire’s security configuration assessment and enhanced file integrity monitoring to meet their security and compliance needs.


  • Increased security for IT systems and better protection from cyber attacks
  • Streamlined audit process for their regulatory compliance, including PCI DSS and other European regulations.
  • Significant time savings achieved through automation

I had the opportunity to meet Dimitri Binazzi, CSO of Point, during Infosec Europe. Here are a few comments that he made to me during that first initial interview: “These criminals are becoming ever more ingenuous in attempts to steal personal information, gain intellectual property and disrupt business. The challenge for Point is to ensure that any  weakness within the IT infrastructure and operational practices are minimized to reduce the risk of exposure.

You can download and read the Point Case Study here.

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