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“Incidents are bound to happen, there’s no avoiding it!” Are you prepared to deal with a security breach? Infosec expert and ‘cynic’ Javvad Malik interviews Brian Honan (@BrianHonan on Twitter) internationally recognized information security expert, during Infosecurity Europe conference to offer tips on how to respond to security incidents. First tip? Identify if the problem is, in fact an incident! Check out this video for more tips on how to respond, manage and detect incidents.



More  coverage on this information security event including interviews on risk management, compliance, incident detection and the evolving role of the CISO can be found on this Infosecurity Europe playlist.

I also recently worked with Brian Honan on a whitepaper to identify 10 Steps for Early Incident Detection and it’s recorded webcast. Due to popular demand, another webcast is scheduled for May 22.

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