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I’m just on my way home from presenting at the Future of the Datacenter Conference in London. The event was well attended and a lot of questions from the people I met on the stand before I went on stage were around virtualization and what Tripwire did to help with this “emerging” technology. Everyone saw value in both our free tool, which is not exactly difficult, but also what we are doing in our commercial offering.

A majority of the attendees said that security was very important to them and something that is stopping them deploying VMWare to the production environment or more widely than they already have. After mulling over what they had said to me, one major question popped into my head.

If you can prove 100% compliance to VMWare hardening guidelines, do you think that it would be enough to get buy-in from the individuals that are stopping the wider deployment of virtualization due to perceived security risks?

Now I could lie and say that I posed this over cocktails to a large percentage of the attendees after the event but the truth is I didn’t think of this until most people had left. Kicking myself for the lost opportunity I’ve decided to ask the blogosphere instead. Taking the operational issues aside for a moment like VM Sprawl, what else do you think you have to do to answer this objection around security to ensure wider adoption?