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So…I am late to the game…I have been dragged kicked and screaming into the Web 2.0 world…I am on LinkedIn, I blog, I even have a Myspace page….and now finally Twitter…, first of all what the heck does that even mean? Twittering…sounds like the group of birds that yammer outside my window on an early Saturday morning…I sure would like to take a slingshot and…nevermind…I digress…

Anyway, so far I have twittered about relatively insignficant things like what I had for breakfast, and other mindless daily trivia…but on occassion I have twittered about work related things….and I have seen or followed folks who have done the same…. Is that considered a breach of corporate policy? What if someone in your organization twittered out the secret recipe to Colonel Sanders chicken?

Maybe its no big deal…I mean I could very easily twitter about running into IT Ninjas or about projects I am working on and no one would care…I mean right now only two people are following me and they both work for the same company I do…and I don’t think my CTO is spying on me…I am just not that interesting…but then again maybe I am…maybe I could use twitter to get the word out…it could be a huge marketing tool I suppose…if I could get some followers…kind of a cyberpaparrazi sort of thing…I could name drop…Gene Kim for example has a rock star status amongst IT Security Ninjas afterall…I could use tagged words like Tripwire…or Virtualization Security….I could become the next twitter star with groupies and everything…

But then that pesky security thing keeps popping up… I mean read this little nugget:

Not only could you share too much information about your company, but twitter itself could be a hole into your network…hmmm…maybe I’ll just keep twittering about my mundane day…I had bagels for breakfast.

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