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Jay Radcliffe (@jradcliffe02) has been in the security business for over twelve years, and is currently a Senior Security Analyst for InGuardians.

Radcliffe, a diabetic, made headlines two years ago when he gave a presentation on weaknesses in diabetic medical devices, how similar they were to industrial SCADA systems, and how they can be hacked.

This year at BSidesLV, Radcliffe gave another very intriguing talk where he performed a live demo of a critical software flaw that has never been discussed publicly.

Aside from his research into the buggy device, Radcliffe also discussed how there is no real imperative for the device manufacturers to remedy such flaws, even though they may put the users of these devices in harms way, including the possibility of death.

Radcliffe also discusses the limitations that agencies like the FDA have when addressing these kinds of vulnerabilities, and how progress has been made in the vetting of many medical devices where security is concerned…


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