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Apneet Jolly (@Jolly) – or just Jolly as the security world knows him – the self described “hacker, photographer and social butterfly,” is a senior consultant with ThreatGRID and has formerly worked with Raytheon and Neohapsis in his security career.

Jolly took some time to talk with us about some interesting analytics derived from a malware cloud analysis platform that works as an information sharing database to enhance threat intelligence.

Jolly says the technology allows them to analyze hundreds of thousands of malware samples on a daily basis, but he says the fun really starts when they start mining that data to determine how the samples relate and interact with one another to produce actionable intelligence.

“I need to know as a defender not just that you think this is bad, but why do you think it’s bad, how long do you think it’s been bad for, and give me all that historical context and relationships behind that,” Jolly said in this interview.

This allow the defenders to take the next step, leveraging that intelligence into your security operations. Here’s more on the technique from Jolly…


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