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By: Mark Gaydos

I was reading the San Francisco chronicle article that is going around the blogs called “SF Officials Locked Out of Computer Network” in which a disgruntled administrator locked everyone out of the city’s network. And I wondered if this or something similar could happen in a virtual environment?

I was talking to some of the security experts here at Tripwire and mostly they said the issues in the SF case were not with the technology but with the physical procedures the organization must have been following. Yet I still wonder?

If anyone has any comments on whether there is greater risk in a virtual environment or if it’s really about the procedures you setup in your organization, I would like to hear about it. One has to believe with the ability to instantiate servers and networks that virtualization grants an admin that the risk would be greater, if for no other reason than how fast these systems can be deployed.

Comments from the experts out there?