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Last week, Tripwire Enterprise 8.3 was announced (read more about that here). But you may be thinking, what does that even mean, and how does this new release affect my organization? Well, let me tell you…

What Happened?

Tripwire announced that Tripwire Enterprise, the company’s Security Configuration Management (SCM) solution, will now be offering a stand-alone Policy Manger, providing total flexibility in assessing critical assets across your extended enterprise.

So What?

Ok – let’s back it up first. Taking a look at Tripwire Enterprise, our flagship solution, provides customers with a fully integrated policy management, file integrity management and remediation management solution.

You can use these solutions together for an end-to-end security configuration management solution, or now with the option of Tripwire’s Policy Manager Solution, you can also use them each on their own to address today’s pressing security and configuration challenges.

We understand that not every organization is ready and able to implement and manage a fully loaded SCM solution, which is why you can start now with Policy Manager and expand when necessary.

This is actually really exciting for all of our customers. Policy Manager offers the same features and capabilities that are provided in the whole Tripwire Enterprise Suite: Agent or agentless continuous configuration assessment against over 300 policies, standards, regulations and vendor guidelines.

It offers a complete policy customization, waiver and exception management, automated remediation options, and granular policy scoring with thresholds, weights and severities.

Kind of cool, huh?! And get this: It does all of this while still providing proof of compliance and making policy status highly visible and actionable.

Any Other Cool Things I Should Know About?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Check out this short video that Michael Thelander, product manager for Tripwire Enterprise, made featuring Policy Manager and how it can fit into your organization.

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