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Lt. Col. Mark Coffin is Cyber Branch Lead for U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), and is also one of the administrators of the non-profit defense think tank the Cyber Security Forum Initiative – or CSFI (@CSFI_DCOE).

Coffin’s specialties include Open Source Exploitation, Physical Security, Operations Security, Vulnerability Testing and Assessments, Information Assurance, Social Engineering, Information Operations Planning and Execution, Computer Network Operations (D/E/A).

CSFIs mission is to “provide guidance and solutions to the private sector in the protection of critical civilian networks against cyber warfare related activities, through collaboration with universities, and the information security industry.”

CSFI also strives to “serve as an enabler and a conduit supporting international endeavors to help guarantee the cyber freedoms of the United States of America and its allies by focusing our efforts on helping secure civilian networks through education and volunteer work.”

We caught up with Coffin at Defcon in Las Vegas and asked him to tell us a little more about what CSFI does, and how you can get involved…


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