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I have to admit that it was long overdue. IT security is not necessarily the most sexy topic on the planet, but we can certainly be more creative than “IT Security, Compliance and Best Practices” to name our blog, don’t you think?

Well, so here’s your chance to demonstrate that we could be fun and creative. Today we’re launching the “Name the Tripwire blog” contest. Here are a few rules to follow:

  1. It has to be around the topics we cover:  information security, data protection
  2. It has to be appropriate (no R rated names please)
  3. It has to be creative, fun, engaging (in other words, no boring names)

Two ways to to enter the competition:

#1 — Via Twitter

  • Follow @tripwireinc
  • Tweet the proposed name with the hashtag #TWInfosecHub

#2 — Via Blog

  • Subscribe to the blog via RSS feed or email
  • Add a comment to this blog with your proposed name

The winner will receive not only bragging rights but also a $50 Amazon gift card. Second and third place winners will receive an awesome Tripwire jacket that is available in men’s and women’s sizes.

The contest will run through Friday, November 11th, 2011.

Buena suerte y hasta pronto!


10 Ways Tripwire Outperforms Other Cybersecurity Solutions
  • "On the Wire", "On the InfoSec Wire", or some other similar formation? 

  • Cnaghdi

    "The Secure Wire"

  • Wired for Security or
    Talking Tripwire

  • "Seeking Truth"  In principle, security practitioners are first and foremost seekers of truth – get through the fluff to the stuff that matters.  Tripwire, in my humble opinion, seeks to embody that principle.  The blog should reflect this.

  • Harold

    The Panopticon 
    Security Strata 
    Security Spoke / Secure Spoke
    The Hub. The Security Hub. 
    The Security Blanket
    The Security Onion :-)

  • Miriam

    I supposed "Wired" has already been done.

  • Andrew Hay

    "Tripped Up"

  • Jwachhaus

    Silly String – because it shows you where tripwire is!
    Twipwire :-)

  • Natalie H.

    Tripwire bLog Center  :o)
    Tripwire Pulse

  • Abbruzzese

    Tripwire Grounded
    Tripwire Untangled

  • Andrew Latham


  • Abbruzzese

    Blogging Tripwire
    The Chi of Tripwire
    Tripwire Blog Central
    Talk Tripwire

  • Ginny

    Security Matters

  • Miriam

    Wire Wonka and the Trip Factory
    Trip Wonka and the Wire Factory
    Trip Wire and the Security Factory

    (For what it's worth, I love the multiple meetings of Ginny's entry "Security Matters")

  • Miriam

    Secure Thoughts

  • Abbruzzese

    Tripwire Goes Barefoot
    Barefoot Tripwire

  • GH

    Noncompliant: Unconventional Thinking in Security and Compliance.


    Risky Business: Some clever tagline that I can't think of here…


    Tripwire Baseline: Security from the Ground Up

  • State's Evidence

  • Trippin' on security
    Secure Wire
    Security on the Wire

  • Miriam

    Secure Me

  • Miriam

    S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y, Find Out What It Means to Me (sung to the tune of RESPECT)

  • Secured Perimeter  via (wink) Tripwire

  • Abbruzzese

    The Hard Boiled Hat
    Hard Boiled Security

  • Abbruzzese

    Hard Hat

  • Truth Be Told
    Mission Control
    Word Wire
    Control Chronicles
    Control Column
    Wire Bound
    Ground Control
    Sleep Soundly
    Tried and True
    State of the Art
    Watch CAT :)

  • Abbruzzese

    Tripwire Goes Deep

  • Abbruzzese

    Inside the Fence

  • Abbruzzese

    Electrify the Fence

  • Abbruzzese

    Tripwire on Tap
    Tripwire Flips the Switch

  • Thank you all for your submissions. We'll be announcing the winner shortly.

    • Abbruzzese

      Wait, I want add one more: "Porcupines Gone Wild!"

  • Abbruzzese

    How to make a million dollars and pay no taxes

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